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LAST UPDATED 9/28/2020


Each child needs shin guards and soccer cleats to play. Also, for safety reasons, no jewelry is permitted, including studs while playing soccer.


U4/5 (2016-2017 Birth Year)  Updated 9/28/2020
U6 (2015 Birth Year)
U7 (2014 Birth Year)
U8/9 (2013-2012 Birth Year)
YDP (2007-2011 Birth Year)


The Meet and Greet this year will be with the Coaches only.  Coaches will then reach out to their teams to provide ball shirt


The first game is Sunday September 20th.

All games and practices are held at the Gloucester Township Park, at the corner of Hickstown Rd., and Peter Cheeseman Rd. in Gloucester Township. 


Practices are conducted by youth soccer trainers, will be held on the Soccer Turf Field and held by age group per the below schedule. Please bring your ball and wear your team shirt (same dress for games) to each practice. 


Due to COVID we will not be hosting soccer pictures this season.


·   There will be no team benches provided and teams should not bring their own bench. (as players must remain 6ft apart)

·    Everyone on site must bring their own face coverings and hand sanitizer

·    Everyone must wear face coverings when travelling to and from the parking lot and while moving about the complex.

·    HYSC strongly recommends all parents and spectators wear face coverings and remain socially distanced at all times. A face mask is required when moving around the complex and when you cannot remain distanced from other spectators

·   Coaches are required to wear face coverings and maintain social distance at all times, especially when addressing teams during water breaks; at half time; between games, and at all times when off the field of play.

·   Players should maintain social distancing when on the sidelines. If the players can’t socially distance on the sidelines, they must wear face coverings and only remove face coverings when entering the game.

·   Do not share water bottles, drinks or any personal items.

·   No Hand contact of any kind, i.e. handshakes, ‘high fives,’ etc.

·   No Spitting will be allowed on the field, sidelines, or anywhere within the complex

·   Spectators will be located on the same side of the field as the team they support to reduce interaction between competing teams and their supporters

·  All spectators should maintain "social distancing" (i.e. do not congregate in groups (Families Only) on the sidelines and must maintain a minimum of 6ft apart from each other

·  Please try and limit the number of spectators if possible.

Final Reminders: Everyone at Gloucester Township Park is required to social distance at all times whenever possible, and to wear a face covering upon arrival when traveling from their vehicle to the fields; upon departure when traveling from the fields to their vehicle; when moving around the facility between fields and through communal areas such as bathrooms, concession stand, and when not properly social distancing from anyone other than immediate family members from their household.


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Thank you again for playing soccer with us and I truly hope your child has a great experience.

James Merganthal
Intramural Commissioner
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If you have any questions:
- Feel free to email me at [email protected]
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All games and practices are held at the Gloucester Township Park, at the corner of Hickstown Rd., and Peter Cheeseman Rd. in Gloucester Township.